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The texting website your friends will hate you for.
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  • What can I do with this site?

  • ClamTXT is an online text application that has a variety of fun features.

    - Humorously send a barrage of texts ("text bomb") to your friends.
    - Read or listen to their reaction on the "Reactions" page.
    - Have SMS conversations with family and friends on the "SMS" page, with a real number they can text.
    - Premium users have access to exclusive features, such as international texting.
  • How do I send a "text bomb"?

  • Go to the "Add Number to Queue" page and fill out the required fields. Doing so will add your submission to our waiting list ("queue"), and will be automatically processed shortly after.

    Guests have a limit of sending 10 texts, registered members can send 25, and premium users can send up to 100 per number. Read more about premium users here.
  • How do I SMS chat with my friends?

  • The "SMS" page allows you to start up a texting conversation. To access it, you must register for a free account (it's very fast - click here). Your account will be given a real phone number, and all texts you send out will have that number. If they reply, it will automatically show up on the page and the site will notify you with a sound.

    Registered members can send 5 free texts a day, and premium users do not have a limit. Read more about premium.
  • I have more questions.

  • Any questions left unanswered should first be looked for on the FAQ page. If you still have unanswered questions, there are usually moderators in the Shoutbox that can help you, or you can contact Vice, the administrator, on the Contact Us page.